Our Program

Find a personality change sufficient to recover from your disease.

Taylor Made Retreat is dedicated to creating a path to a spiritual awakening for those who come to stay with us. The facility, the property, and the program are all geared toward providing an atmosphere and opportunity to have your perceptions changed. We eliminate outside distractions to focus on the 12 steps and their application in our lives, both in the program house and outside. The 12-step immersion is augmented with art class once a week, yoga, mindful meditation, boxing, gardening, dance class, and physical exercise.

Taylor Made Retreat provides hope for the hopeless and brings light into a disease of isolation and desperation. Substance use disorder (SUD) is insidious—it cuts people off from their families, their friends, and their ability to fully participate in life. This horrible disease robs sufferers of their dignity, their hope, and sometimes even the ability to differentiate the true from the false. At Taylor Made Retreat we present steps out of the darkness of active use into the light of recovery. Our goal is to break people out of this isolating disease. We provide an environment that begins in the house and expands out into the community. Our guests transition from their old lifestyle into a new, sober existence based on a whole new set of conceptions.

We have distilled a veritable lifetime of 12-step experience down to an immersion program that can be presented in 30-day blocks of time. At Taylor Made Retreat, guests will have the opportunity to interact with professionals, community leaders, and volunteers who have  xtensive experience in 12-step based recovery – many of whom have years of experience in treatment center work. House managers, past guests, and guest speakers share their experiences with the 12 steps, honestly discussing their struggles and even previous difficulties in practicing the 12 steps in their lives. We expose guests to 12-step meetings of all types and introduce them to potential mentors or sponsors, both at the house and in these meetings. Daily, we present real-world examples of how others live free of alcohol and drugs by sharing their personal experience with recovery through the process of applying the 12 steps.

In addition to presenting the alcohol and drug recovery program, we introduce a variety of spiritual meditation and yogic practices to enhance the step work and deepen the clients’ experience. Our hope is to expose our clients to every facet of 12-step recovery, while creating a full integration of the program into their lives. Although this program is presented in 30-day blocks, we recommend a stay of 60-90 days to experience the full integration to recovery for life.

We believe that inside all our guests there is a spark of the Divine, and our intention is to provide enough love and hope to fan those flames, give the sufferers who come to stay at Taylor Made Retreat a chance to nurture it back to a powerful passion for life. By offering a new perspective on their lives, restoring damaged and broken relationships, allowing individuals freedom—not only from the substance use but from the darkness that plagues the sufferer’s mind—our guests find new happiness and new freedom. Taylor Made Retreat not only restores our guests, it launches them into a whole new life, no matter how many attempts or how many failures have been experienced in the past.

By offering a new perspective on their lives, we help our guests to restore damaged and broken relationships, showing them a path to freedom from substance abuse and the darkness that plagues their minds. After completing our program, guests have the tools to find happiness and freedom. A stay at Taylor Made Retreat launches our guests into a whole new life, no matter how many attempts or how many failures they have experienced in the past.

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