What is the Taylor Made Retreat?

The Taylor Made Retreat is a 30-90 day residential program (we suggest 60 days minimum), offering an immersion in the 12 steps as a design for living and integration into the 12-step community at large.

How is the Taylor Made Retreat different from treatment?
Taylor Made Retreat is not treatment. We are a supportive, educational environment rather than a clinical or medical program. We do require a clinical assessment prior to entering and we do provide clinical follow-up. However, because we serve people who already know they have “the problem,” we don’t focus on the clinical side of the work. Instead, we provide an intensive orientation to the solution of recovery embodied in the 12 steps. The mansion that houses Taylor Made Retreat started out as a distilling spirit for people in Portland and has been transformed into a facility that is distilling people’s spirits, allowing them to access their humanity, in Portland and beyond.

What are the admission criteria?

We serve adults, men and women, who know they have the problem of alcoholism and/or drug dependency, are motivated to recover, and are physically and psychologically stable.

How long do people stay?

The Taylor Made Retreat’s minimum length of stay is 30 days; however, people may extend their stay as needed, and we suggest 60 days as a minimum. There is an option for longer-term stays as needed. We have had guests who have stayed up to a year, who then become an integral part of our community.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Taylor Made Retreat is about 20% of other rehabilitation programs. The price of $7500/mo. is all-inclusive – including meals, housing, outside instruction in yoga and meditation, as well as all weekly outings, plus transportation to and from the airport.

Is scholarship help available?

There will be partial scholarships available for those who qualify.

What is the curriculum or program at Taylor Made?

The core of our program is an in-depth study of the book Alcoholics Anonymous (fondly known as the Big Book). The program also includes presentations and practical applications of Steps 1 through 9, followed by an immediate integration of Steps 10 and 11. We draw from the local community of recovering people to provide our daily programming.

Do you have a long-term care program and/or sober housing?

The Taylor Made Retreat offers a 90-day extended Retreat program for those who need more time in a residential setting to focus on their recovery. Taylor Made Retreat has close ties to the local sober living community and can help with longer-term sober living.

What is the profile of a typical guest at Taylor Made?

Our typical guest is 38 years old. Eighty percent have been to 1-5 previous treatments; 60% are men and 40% are women; 50% come from outside the State of Oregon from throughout the United States.

Do you have a shorter stay program?

Taylor Made offers a 10-day Relapse Program for individuals who have experienced a brief relapse following their stay to get refreshed on the daily commitments necessary to stay sober. Taylor Made also offers a Rest & Renewal Program for those in recovery who need to take time in a residential setting to complete their 4th and 5th Steps.

Can my family come to visit?

Visiting hours for our residential program are on Sunday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Pet Policy

Guests are allowed to bring, with prior approval, fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered dogs to TMR, assuming they are well-behaved and can get along with other dogs and humans in a communal living arrangement. Dog owners are responsible for the care, feeding and supervision of their animals. Cats are not allowed.

Do you offer family conferences?

Family conferences are encouraged and may be scheduled with the program staff.