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2019: Bringing Lightness into the Dark

Morning sunbeams peek through the grey Pacific Northwestern sky bringing nourishing light to the lush natural ecosystem of plants surrounding the Mansion on the four and a half acre estate at the Taylor Made Retreat center. Light is critical for the renewal of life.

The beginning of a new year often represents a time of reflection and renewal, today I am awe of the transformations happening here a the Taylor Made Retreat in just a few short months. Hope and healing are being streamed like a giant flood lamp into the lives of the residents and community of volunteers who chose to come and spend time sharing their experience with us.

Many of the residents have had their own light nearly extinguished due to prolonged drug and alcohol abuse. Substance use disorder is an insidious disease that often cuts people off from from the sunlight of the spirit, from their families, friends and their ability to fully participate in life. The disease often robs suffers from their dignity, hope and perhaps even the ability to differentiate the true from the false. But each day at the Taylor Made Retreat brings a new chance for renewal. At the Taylor Made Retreat, we present steps out of this darkness and into the light of recovery.

At the Retreat, we aim to help people break out of the isolation of their disease by providing more than education about the problem, we help residents find the solution through a sober community and a design for living based on the twelve steps. The community begins inside the house.

Walking into the Taylor Made Retreat for the first time, visitors and volunteers comment that there is something special happening here, that it feels more like “home”. Volunteers and experts show our residents how to live sober using their personal experience in long-term recovery applying the 12 steps in their own lives. They share time with the residents and form relationships, talking over a delicious home-cooked meal prepared by our chef, or attending an outside meeting or social activity together. Visitors, residents, graduates, and staff are all working together inside and outside the meeting room sharing their time and a common goal — recovery from our insidious disease.

I am profoundly moved by all that is taking place here and am honored to be a part of God’s plan as He uses us to furrow the field for those to come. Seeing the light come back into people’s lives is truly a gift. Witnessing individuals recover from a seemingly hopeless state, the restoration of families, renewal of hope, and the re-centering of lives on a new path with a pervasive sense of love washing over all who come here. I’m excited to see what unfolds.

In love and service,

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